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Abbey Quilting

Roland Platt

Acordis Cellulosic Fibres

Andrew Wilkes

Acordis Speciality Fibres

Dave Woods


Adrian Thorpe


Nigel Gautry

Alan Pearson & Son Ltd.

Julian Pearson


Emmet Deeney


Ian Smith

Altex UK Ltd.

Stuart G. Lobley

AMR Textiles

Chris Walker

Andrew Textiles Industries

John Fish

Anglo Recycling Technology

Simon Macaulay

Anglo Recycling Technology

Philip Tweedale

APMA Associates

Andrew Wilkes


Geoff Kershaw


Flavien Loisir


Alan Law


Simon Mortimer

Baldwin Technology Inc.

Per Stenflo

Barry Whitaker

Barry Whitaker


Tony Heslop

BBA Fiberweb

Sean Kearsley

Bensons Beltings

Brian Schofield

BFF Nonwovens

David Lamb

Border Technologies Ltd.

Rory Wilson


Stephen Donnelly

Building Product Design Ltd.

Neil Rideout

Burmatex Ltd.

Walter Duncan

Caligen Foam

Terry Lomax

Camtex Fabrics

Kieran O'Hare

CEL International Ltd.

Graham Sanderson

Cha Technologies

Brian Stamper

Colbond Nonwovens

Steve Baker


Rowland Lewis

Converting Technology Ltd.

John Booth


Scott Foster


Joe Winnie

Cowens Ltd.

Jonathan Coulthard

Don & Low Ltd.

David Avril

Edward Clay & Sons Ltd.

Edward Clay

Far East Mercantile Co. Ltd.

Dilip Gianchandani

Felt Connection

Sue Clay

Fi-Tech Europe

Rob Andrews

Fibre Fillings

Peter Woodcock

Fibrecore Ltd.

Tom Mallens

Focus Product Developments Ltd.

Dr. Craig Barson

Francis Dinsmore Ltd.

Ian Wheatley

Freshsign Ltd.

Chris Shand

Freudenberg Nonwovens

Nigel Towell


Stephen Kershaw


Richard Leather

Garnett Controls Ltd.

Alan Brydon

Garnett Wire Ltd.

Ian Broadbent

Gaskell Textiles Ltd.

Brian Hinton

Geofabrics Ltd.

Gordon Donald

Geofabrics Ltd.

Steve Tordoff

Geofabrics Ltd.

Clare Harvey

Greenbank Textile Machinery (GTM) Sales Ltd.

Ian Hurford

Greenfield Textiles

Ray Fielding

Gros Beckert

Gerrerd Taylor


Andrew Hill


George Swarbrick

Guilford Europe

David Marriot

H Dawson Sons & Co (Wool) Ltd.

Jo Dawson

Hardy & Hanson Ltd.

Robert Tranter

Harrison Spinks Beds Ltd.

Ross McCormick

Harrison Spinks Beds Ltd.

Amanda Shea

Highams Group

Steve Finan

Hilton Business Services/Elana

Karen Baron

Holistic Product Developments

Graham Duncan

Hollingsworth & Vose

Jeremy Collingwood

Hollingsworth Co Ltd.

Melvyn Lloyd


Rosie Bricis

Huntsman Corporation

Andrew Bentley

Huntsman Corporation

Martin Lane

Ideas & Innovation

Roger Tattersall

IFG Drake Ltd.

Geoff Rostron

Itochu Europe

Michael Christou

Jecadex Nonwovens

John P. Eccles

John Cotton Group

Mark Baron

John Cotton Group

Stephen Midgley

John Cotton Group

Carl Rushton

John Cotton Group

Tim Wilson

John Cotton Group

Mark Cotton

John Pearson

John Pearson

John Schofield Ltd.

Richard Greenwood

Kellies Solutions

Dr. George Kellie

Kimberly Clark Europe

Luca Casalena

Lantor Ltd.

Richard Kiedish

Lenzing Ltd.

Dr. Chris Potter

Lisa Tobin

Lisa Tobin

Loughborough University

Faith Brown


Matthew Waddington

Lubrizol Advanced Materials

Ian Bowmer

LUWA (UK) Ltd.

Mike Davies

Mediatex Ltd.

Chris Byrne

Menzel Maschinenfabrik

Andreas Gubig

Mott MacDonald

David Young

Natureworks LLC

Eamonn Tighe

NCD Technologies Ltd.

Chris McGowan

Nice-Pak International Ltd.

Paul Capewell

Nice-Pak International Ltd.

David E. P. James

Nice-Pak International Ltd.

Matthew Storey

Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd. (NIRI)

Andrew Hewitt

Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd. (NIRI)

Matthew Tipper

Nonwovens Research Group (NRG)

Prof. Stephen Russell

North West Development Agency

Scott Bairstow


Steve Kay

Oakdene Hollins

Paul Thompson

Oerlikon Neumag Austria

Rodney Kershaw

Owens Corning

Russell Evans

P. G. Lawton Ltd (SGL Carbon)

Richard Ward

PAL International

Baljeet Dhillon

PAL International

Perminder Singh Rupra


Andrew Leech


Kirsty Williamson

PolymerLatex Ltd.

Steve Doyle

Quantum Opus Business Solutions

Malcolm Littlewood

R H Consultancy Services

Robert P. Hepworth

Robinson Healthcare Ltd.

Jane Lee

Rockline Industries Ltd.

Vanessa Cole

Rockline Industries Ltd.

Bill Goodall

Sia Fibral

Richard Lees


Verity Gay Hardy

Sparkford Chemicals Ltd.

Tim Gibbons

Spencer Synthetics Ltd.

John Spencer

Spontex Ltd

John Smith

Spooner Industries Ltd.

Steve Newall

Synergy Healthcare

Mark Ainsworth

Tamicare Ltd.

Tamar Giloh

Technical Absorbents Ltd.

Dave Hill


Brian McCarthy


Tim Rhodes

Terram Ltd.

David Williams

Texichem Ltd.

Howard Cheetham


Pete Sturgess

Texon Nonwoven

Simon Bradshaw

Texon Nonwoven

David Johnson

Textile Consultancy Ltd.

Philip Eddleston

Unilever Research

Bill Mooney

University College London

Dr. Alan Cottenden

University of Bolton

Prof. Subhash Anand

Vale Mill Ltd.

Neil Colledge


David Bate

Vickers Oils

Elizabeth Hornby

Vinamul Polymers

Bruce Beal

Vitafibres Ltd.

Peter Whittingham

Warren Nonwovens Ltd.

John McQuillan

Warren Nonwovens Ltd.

Richard Masters

Warren Nonwovens Ltd.

Richard Stockton

Warwick Innovation

Roger Chapman

Waxman Fibres

Anthony Riley

Wellman Fibres

Richard Stevenson

Whiteford (Felt & Fillings) Ltd.

J David Edge

Wriggleworth Fibre Processing

Matthew Wrigglesworth

Yarn Engineering

Keith Wilson

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Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd.


NIRI specialises in helping companies improve their nonwoven product offering. We have a proven track record of helping companies:

• Enhance the performance of existing products
• Reduce the cost of existing products
• Develop new products and intellectual property
• Reduce the environmental impact of products
• Resolve quality issues
• Train employees in nonwoven science and processes

Our team has a unique combination of scientific acumen and commercial experience and expertise. Our extensive pilot facilities enable us to manufacture prototypes for testing and analysis in our state-of-the-art analytical facilities, reducing or eliminating down-time on your production lines for trials and evaluation. Our global network of contacts enables us to put together a supply chain that meets your requirements.

We have a proven record of success and over 75% of our consultancy projects originate from existing customers with new projects or recommendations. Several customers have adopted our ‘Embedded Scientist’ model where one of our technical experts works closely within their R&D team on several projects.

If you feel that a boost to your product offering would be helpful we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in complete confidence. After an initial meeting, to understand your specific requirements in detail, we prepare a full project proposal that contains defined deliverables and costs.

Contact details

Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute
c/o Centre for Technical Textiles
University of Leeds
West Yorkshire

0113 3433790

Network members


Nonwovens Research Group, University of Leeds


The Nonwovens Research Group (NRG) conducts fundamental and applied research on the production, structure and properties of nonwoven fabrics. The process-structure-property relationships and modelling of nonwoven materials continues to underpin research in the Group. The Group is led by Prof. Stephen J. Russell and involves multi-disciplinary collaborations both nationally and internationally. The research brings together PhD research students and research fellows with many different backgrounds, including textiles, materials science, chemistry, mathematics, design, nursing and engineering.

Contact details

Nonwovens Research Group
c/o Centre for Technical Textiles
School of Design
University of Leeds
West Yorkshire

0113 3433790

Network members